INFORM 2016 - Meet, Share, Learn and Connect

"What the App?"... A Modernization Strategy for Your Business Applications
Speakers: Tony Holder Mark Roden Mat Newman Track: Development
It's 2016 – your application portfolio is being reviewed and scrutinized. Email and application platforms are being separated. Users' expectations of their work experiences are higher than ever. But you're invested in your Notes & Domino applications – what do you do? Looking through the lens of IBM ESS solutions, we will answer that question by providing a roadmap and experiences to help you choose the best path. We will deep dive into the five aspects of Application Modernization: User Experience, Social, Cloud, Mobile, & Modern Workflow. See demos of actual application transformations and the impact they have within an organization. Learn how new functionality in the products will make your journey easier. See live demos putting AM into practice.

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